Full Name: Patricia Trutescu

Class Year: 2015

Best Contact[email protected]

Inspired By: Stefana Trutescu, Mother

My Mom taught me many life lessons. Yet, the most valuable ones I learned were those she could not teach me. I focus on the top 3 of these lessons below. 

  1. As a marketer for an academic publisher, I have learned to manage authors' expectations and even dissatisfactions. I mastered how to apply solution-based critical thinking to problem-solving. This success was mainly due to how I put aside my own emotions. However, while I can control my feelings, I will never control those of others.
  2. In my early adolescence, I took my Mom's free time for granted, specifically when she returned to work as a night nurse at a hospital. Later in life, when I burned the midnight oil to complete work for my job or to battle occasional insomnia, naps suddenly had new value.  
  3. Each time I wanted to share my perspective with my manager of why a business idea did not work, I could explain as much as I wanted. Then, I learned about the manager's POV of myself, which I 1) disagreed with, and 2) realized that every passing criticism about me reflected how the manager felt about their performance. When desiring someone to take a walk in your shoes, you must get ready to saunter in their footwear.  

Growing up means experiencing life's most important lessons on my own. I hope my Mom gets to see that—happy International Women’s Day.

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