The Membership year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. The BCAA also offers 18-month membership that commences in January.
Yes, a confirmation letter is mailed to all BCAA members upon receipt of payment.
No, the fee will not be prorated.
The Baruch College Alumni Association (BCAA) is an independent membership organization that has served Baruch graduates since 1968. An annual membership fee is required for BCAA membership to access a suite of nationwide benefits. In addition, the BCAA organizes and hosts a variety of alumni events and activities throughout the year. The BCAA is comprised of a diverse group of alumni volunteers and led by a full-time Executive Director. Its mission is to support and serve Baruch alumni, faculty and students.

The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) is part of the College and works in conjunction with the College at large to provide alumni with continued services and educational opportunities beyond graduation. No membership fee or enrollment is required. All Baruch graduates are considered alumni of Baruch College. For more information on the Office of Alumni Relations, please click here.
The Baruch College Fund (BCF) is the fundraising arm of the College that promotes the educational welfare of Baruch students. Gifts to the BCF bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating students and the income Baruch receives from tuition and from New York State.
The membership fee does not go to Baruch College. While the BCAA and Baruch work closely together, the BCAA is a completely separate entity. The BCAA does, however, maintain its office within the 17 Lexington building of Baruch College and directly works with college administration. The $45 goes to the organizational costs of running the association, providing benefits and opportunities to alumni and helping support our philanthropic giving to the college when possible.
Yes, you have to be a currently paid member of the BCAA to take advantage of most, but not all, membership discounts and benefits. For most alumni the modest membership fee cost is far outweighed by the benefits of becoming a member obtained through our various benefits and discounts. Furthermore, alumni membership means supporting BCAA's activities to further opportunities for Baruch College alumni and give back to our alma mater.
The BCAA's office is conveniently located in Baruch College's 17 Lexington building on the 16th Floor (Room 1605). Our office phone is (646) 660-6080 or we may be reached via e-mail at [email protected].