November 2022

Name: Reni Baez
Major at Baruch College: BA, Corporate Communications
Graduation Year: 2014
School within Baruch CollegeWeissman School of Arts and Sciences
Company and Title: NYC Residential Real Estate Agent

1) Tell us about your organization and your role there.

I am a trusted Real Estate advisor representing residential buyers and sellers in NYC. I take a lot of pride in my work and I’m passionate about helping my clients feel happy with decisions that will directly impact their daily lives.

2) What excites you in Real Estate and what drives you in your current profession?

A meeting of the minds is what excites me in Real Estate. It is such a beautiful and magical moment when all parties are happy with their next move. There’s nothing that drives me more than helping my clients get another victory in life. The home buying process is really a life altering event. It changes the dynamic of you and your loved ones’ lifestyle.

3) What were some unique challenges you faced in your professional career and how did you solve them?

I always thought that I thrived under pressure but I have realized that in this business, you shouldn’t only rely on pressure. You not only have to always be prepared but actually be over prepared. It’s a disservice to your client if you’re not. You get hit with so many curveballs that you want to be prepared when they happen and ready to take them on. That is also what will set you apart from what everyone else is doing. I had to learn to love being proactive instead of reactive.

4) How was your experience at Baruch like? How did Baruch impact your life and career?

I loved my experience at Baruch. I loved how diverse the classrooms were and I learned a lot from my classmates. I met people from all walks of life and parts of the world. The classrooms were filled with these hungry, ambitious individuals ready to shake up and disrupt the business world. I felt privileged to be collaborating with these smart individuals. I made many connections that would later help me in my professional network and that has flourished into meaningful long term relationships. Baruch has opened many doors for me. We are at a point, where top corporations and businesses are hiring students just based on the fact that they hold our business school to such a high regard.

5) What is some advice can you give to current Baruch Students and alumni who are looking to start their own business?

Like Nike, Just do it. We all start out scared and we all have fears around money. You will have to make sacrifices granted but it’s not impossible. Don’t use lack of money as a limiting belief to get started. There are many untapped resources out there that you can leverage to start your business. Also, each business model is extremely unique to the way it’s run and its clients. Be cautious to follow trends or what everyone else is doing because it may not necessarily work for you. There’s no magic secret. You have to find out what works for you then master repetition.

6) who is your Girl Boss Idol? Why do you look up to them? 

I look up to Mary Anne Tighe who is a NYC Commercial Real Estate broker. There is a very black and white way to look at women in the business world and it’s that the way women do business. They are completely appeasing or they are tough to deal with. I love how Mary Anne exerts how a woman can be in the middle and how women can be just as great entrepreneurs, negotiators and strategizers as men.

7) What would you like to see more of for women in the world?

I was not careful with my credit during my time in college which really affected my opportunities because I did not know any better. I wish I had more resources as a young lady. I strongly feel young girls should be taught financial literacy such as credit, taxes, saving money, and how to get a home or car loan. There are countries where math and sciences are not taught to younger girls which can affect their opportunities in the future. I recently had a client who is divorced and had no idea how to manage her finances because her husband took care of everything. When it came time to start selling the property she would get in the settlement, she didn't have a clue how much her property taxes were and what her common charges were. She found herself in a financial rut and had to quickly get everything together. If we are more proactive in the approach of teaching women financial literacy at a young age, we can prevent any tough financial situations. This is more common than we think in other parts of the world where women have no freedom to manage their own lives. Living in a country where we have the ability to do so, we should take advantage of all opportunities and resources we have at our disposal.

8) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Achievements don’t mean anything if you can’t share the positive to propel more good. I hope to be able to give more and do more for charity.

9) How can people contact you? (Social Media, LinkedIn, Email) LinkedIn


Email:  [email protected]