Name: Frank Julca

Major at Baruch College and Degree Obtained: B.A. Psychology, Communications Minor

Graduation Year: 2017

School within Baruch College: Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Company and Title: Latino Commission on AIDS, Latino Gay & Bi Men's Initiative Manager

1) Tell us about your organization and your role there

The Latino Commission on AIDS spearheads health advocacy for Latinos, promoting HIV education, developing model prevention programs for high-risk communities, and building capacity in community organizations. My role as Latino Gay & Bi Men’s Initiative Manager is to lead the coordination and implementation of many of the educational conferences we offer both citywide and statewide, with the main one being the Latino Gay & Bi Men’s Summit coming up this fall.

2) What made you interested in the area of Law and what drives you in your current profession?

My interest in LGBTQ+ issues was born when I first came to New York at age 19. I joined the LGBTQ+ club at Baruch (Gender, Love And Sexuality Spectrum, GLASS) and I saw many of the challenges growing up queer brought to people who were not as “lucky” as I was. I had my share of trauma in my upbringing, but not much of it came from me being gay; once I had found my chosen family, I was able to rely on them for acceptance and love. Not everyone had that. I knew I could make a difference. I decided to turn my idealism into action by working in the nonprofit sector, doing research and later education for folks within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. 

3) What were some unique challenges you faced in your professional career and how did you solve them?

New York is a highly competitive city, one that attracts talent from all around the country and the world. I came here as an ESL student, so internship and employment opportunities did not come easy; it was not just the language, it was the culture and the expectations prevalent in the business world. I decided to turn the other way. Public health and nonprofit do not provide you with the same salaries or benefits one might encounter in a place like Goldman Sachs, but it does give you a purpose, something I saw lacking among my classmates. I decided to embrace my identity and help folks that looked like me and had faced the same barriers I had, with language, with access to healthcare, with being queer.

4) How was your experience at Baruch like? How did Baruch impact your life and career?

My experience at Baruch is one I always talk about. I had a lot of fun, but because I chose to. I made a conscious decision to join a club I identified with and became a part of that community. I took the classes I wanted to take based on the interests I had: music, history of film, psychology of gender. I made connections with professors that would later write the recommendations letters for my admission into the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health. I found my best friends at Baruch, but this happened because I made it happen. I think anyone who chooses to use all the tools provided to you at Baruch will have an experience as rewarding as I did

5) What is one of your favorite memories you have from your time at Baruch?

Sleeping in the library during finals week, I miss that. I can’t really pull all-nighters like I used to anymore. I think my favorite memories happened in the LGBT Resource room, laughing with friends, eating the cheap 1$ pizza given at club meetings and running back to class right after. 

6) What is some advice can you give to current Baruch students and alumni about working in the Law field of your profession?

The best advice I can give anyone, regardless of the field they choose, is to make connections. The reason I am not being specific about my profession is because I realized what profession I wanted to pursue by making those connections. Talk to your professors, ask them questions about their fields; talk to your peers, see what internships they are going after and why they are interested in those sectors. I came into Baruch thinking I wanted something, but it was through the classes I took and the people I spoke with that I came into the position I have today.

7) How can people contact you? (Social Media, LinkedIn, Email)

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Frank Julca

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