Name: Ellie Eckert

Major at Baruch College and Degree Obtained: B.A. Journalism

Graduation Year: 2014

School within Baruch College: Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Company and Title: Director of Organic Social Media at Bombas

1) Tell us about your organization and your role there

I am Director of Organic Social Media at Bombas, a comfort-focused apparel brand. The company was originally founded in 2013 because socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. Underwear and t-shirts are #2 and #3 respectively. While the brand started with and is known for its extremely comfortable socks, Bombas used its expertise in comfort to launch into apparel with t-shirts in 2019 and most recently, underwear in 2021. For every item purchased, a specially-designed item is donated to the homeless community. To date, Bombas has donated more than 50 million items to those at-risk, in need, and experiencing homelessness. As Director of Organic Social, I help bring the brand to life by communicating our core values through beautiful content.

2) What made you interested in the area of Law and what drives you in your current profession?

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling—both through words and visuals. I landed in social media organically, after working in traditional PR and marketing earlier in my career, and finally realizing that my interest really lay in building brands and telling interesting stories in the digital space. Ultimately, I try to follow my curiosities—they’ve never steered me wrong.

3) What were some unique challenges you faced in your professional career and how did you solve them?

I think that the first five years of your career are really about testing, trying, and trying some more. It’s where you do the gritty work of self discovery, so that the following five years are about honing your craft and becoming an expert.

There was a lot of trial and error on my end, from launching companies that didn’t quite work out, to learning how to stand behind my work as I was building experience and confidence.

4) How was your experience at Baruch like? How did Baruch impact your life and career?

Coming from a small town in Florida, going to a college in the heart of Manhattan was an unforgettable experience. It gave me access to internships, real-life experience, and one-on-one feedback from professors who were working in the field I was interested in. It’s an experience I’ll never take for granted.

5) What is one of your favorite memories you have from your time at Baruch?

I’ll never forget my first week at Baruch. It was terrifying, but exciting. The buzz in VC was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I met some of my best friends to this day during that week, just by getting out of my comfort zone and saying “yes,” to joining new clubs, and meeting new people.  

6) What is some advice can you give to current Baruch students and alumni about working in the field of your profession?

I’ll say it again (and again, and again): follow your curiosities. In the field of digital and social media, there are so many different opportunities and career paths, from strategy to data to creative. If you find yourself drawn to beautiful photography and brand stories, follow that. Ask questions. Absorb as much as you can. Discover people on Linkedin who are already in those positions, and learn from them. You never know where you’ll find an entry into your next internship or job, just by following the things that excite you.

7) How can people contact you? (Social Media, LinkedIn, Email)

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Ellie Eckert

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