BCAA Alumni Name: Onsiem Edwards

Class Year:  2017

Best Contact: [email protected]

Inspired By:  Michelle Edwards, Mother

Superwoman by Onsiem Edwards

Have you ever met superwoman? Well I have and I call her mom. Now what makes her super you might ask? Well let me have the pleasure of telling you.
Her smile- it’s contagious, she lights up the room as soon as she walks in.
Her hugs- think of a sunshine wrapped around you.
Her enjoyment of life- her ability to pursue her desires and enjoy life is admirable and makes me want to do the same.
Her perseverance- her ability to set and obtain goals even in the face of adversity. You may even wonder if she has more hours in the day than the rest of us.
Her love- Now this is her most prominent power. The love she has for herself flows into the love she has for her family.
She is my mother, my hero, my superwoman.

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