Full Name: Betty Duverger

Class Year: 1995

Best Contact[email protected]

Inspired By: Angela Anselmo & Patricia Johnson, Mentors

When we allow others to tell your story, you may not recognize yourself in your own story...Soledad O'Brien_2020 Girls Leading our World Virtual Summit

Angela Anselmo and Patricia Johnson helped me find my voice. Angie, a social change agent, gave others a reputation to live up to. She sometimes introduced me as an expert, and I took that to heart and began to live up to that expectation. Pat lived NABA’s motto of “Lifting as you Climb. When Pat asked me to be NABA’s advisor, I responded, “no way can I do that.“  She commented “yes, you can.” While I hesitated and was unsure if I were up to the challenge, knowing how much Pat cares about NABA, I concluded if she entrusted me with this charge, I guess I can try. A mentor believes in you especially when you do not believe in yourself. From Pat I learned I may have doubts, but I will not know if I do not try. I now live by the lessons taught to me by these powerful women. By seeing the potential and encouraging students to take the leaps of faith even when they are in doubt, I give them a reputation to live up to and hope to increase their self-confidence. It was a privilege to attend the 2020 Girls Leading our World Virtual Summit with my 12-year-old daughter and to have been mentored by Pat and Angie. My daughter will not have to wait as long as I did to find her voice and tell her story. 

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