James Gavilan

James Gavilan is a global commodities finance executive with over 25 years of finance, risk management, marketing, and mining and metals experience. Mr. Gavilan is a principal and advisor for Gavilan Commodities LLC, a company he founded in March 2019; which provides marketing, financing, supply chain optimization and advisory services to the global commodities industry.

As a Manhattan born first generation American of Peruvian and Cuban descent, I always felt at home at Baruch. My fellow classmates were skilled, hard working professionals from all walks of life. My teachers were dedicated and thorough and had real work experience to share with us. Back in 2001 when I graduated, the school already had a solid reputation of producing qualified and diligent MBA graduates. To see how the school has progressed in almost 20 years is truly humbling and inspiring. I am looking forward to connecting with the diverse group of eager students and fellow Baruch alumni, that look at this school and this city as I do; an open harbor where great minds, hard work and a strong sense of community all merge to pave a wide road to success for all that dare to pursue their dreams.