Name: Waynett Sobers

Major at Baruch College: MBA, International Business 
Graduation Year: 1972
School within Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business
Company and Title:  Wayne the Coach / Wayvon Consulting

1. Tell us a little about your current profession and responsibilities?

I am an energy leadership Index Master Practitioner and a certified life and business coach. My primary clients are female business owners and operators.

2. What drives you in your current profession?

I love to be able to help my clients evolve to become the cause of their life! I assist my clients in defining their goal and develop their strategy to achieve them. I hold them accountable and champion them to achieve success. There is no greater gratification than having a hand in a client’s success and enhancing the course of their life!

3. Can you tell us how you derived at the title of your memoir “The Harlem Line

The title of the memoir is derived from my living in proximity to the Harlem line. All of my life’s achievements and setbacks correlate to where I lived relative to the regions and stations served by the Harlem line.

4. Tell us about your memoir and the lessons you learned along the way?

The “Harlem Line” is the real-life adventure story of a successful African American executive, born in the Bronx in 1937, who has held a multitude of positions including but not limited to a meteorologist, naval officer, entrepreneur, marketer, media guru, automobile dealer, financial adviser, and ultimately a certified life and business coach. It is about my road to success and how I dealt with the challenges and obstacles on that road to success. The "Harlem Line" will inspire younger men and women to ride their own Harlem Line to affluence and success. I detail the 49 primary lessons I have learned as I progressed through life.

5. What was your experience at Baruch like?

My years of attending Baruch College at night was a challenge to me personally and professionally. Prior to the beginning of my third semester, I became a widower and a single parent. Two years later, I started a new career in the private sector and remarried eight months later in that same year, I was blessed with my second son in my fifth year. It took me six years to complete my degree but the guidance I received from Baruch was instrumental to help me keep on track to complete my studies and achieve my MBA.

6. What is one of your favorite memories you have from your time at Baruch?

I thoroughly enjoyed working on my thesis, “International Marketing Communications US Advertising Agencies Go Multi-National” with my advisor. It was my first original research and I acquired a lot of new insights about the advertising business.

7. If you could change one thing during your time at Baruch, what would it be?

Baruch has evolved so much since the time I obtained my MBA so probably everything that I could suggest has already occurred, if not more.

8. Do you have any advice for present and future alumni?

My advice for current Baruch students is you are being educated at one of the world’s finest learning institutions and you will be equipped with the tools to succeed outside in the real world and if you maximize this opportunity, you will be able to perform at the highest level anywhere you desire. Use the tools you acquire to become the cause of your life!

9. How can people contact you? 

Email:  [email protected]
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