Name: Allan Escoto 

Major at Baruch College: BBA, Marketing | Currently enrolled in Marketing MS program
Graduation Year: 2011, MS expected completion by end of 2019
School within Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business
Company and Title:  Humanscale - Product Manager

1. Tell us about Humanscale and your responsibilities.

Humanscale is a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products for the office which includes task chairs, monitor arms, sit-stand solutions, lighting and technology tools. I am the Product Manager for our Lighting, Keyboard Systems and Ergo categories. This position requires management of each product line throughout its lifecycle – from conceptualization of design to market placement. My responsibilities include strategizing and driving the vision, growth, quality, new product developments, roadmaps, profitability, and marketing of each product line while ensuring that the company is positioned in the market for success.

2. What drives you in your current profession as a Product Manager?

Since joining Humanscale in 2011 in an entry-level role, I have grown quickly within the company thanks to my “can do” attitude. Positivity, dedication and flexibility encapsulate who I am and are important traits that help drive me forward. My passion for keeping tasks moving, launching new products and learning something new every day has been key to my success.

3. What are some challenges you have faced during your marketing career and how did you overcome them?

As Product Manager for 26 different existing products as well as various new developments, the biggest challenge is prioritization. It is part of my duties to ensure that all timelines are met by each party so that projects keep moving along. I have been able to overcome these issues by utilizing simple project management and productivity tools. Workflowy and Dynalist are applications that have worked very well for me. You can organize assignments easily and focus on completing the highest-ranking tasks before moving on to the next. I highly recommend using tools like these!

4. We see that you have worked for the same company for 7 years right after graduation, what do you enjoy about it and would you have changed anything?

Yes, fortunately, I was hired at Humanscale just a couple of months upon graduating from Baruch College with an undergraduate degree. Walking in to my first interview at Humanscale, I was instantly wowed by the eye-catching designs and the modern showroom. I am naturally intrigued by design, so I immediately knew this was the place for me. Over the years, I have advanced to higher opportunities, and I am now the one brainstorming new product ideas and working on the future products with the aim to wow others. It is something I wholeheartedly enjoy; it constantly challenges me and I would not change anything about it.

5. How was your experience at Baruch like? How do you feel it benefited you and your career?

Baruch is where I truly learned who I was and the things I can achieve. My first year did not start very well – I did not have a full grasp on what I really wanted for my future and had no real goals. However, things started changing my junior year when I joined La Unidad Latina, a Latin organization, where I surrounded myself with highly influential people who I respected and looked up to. I wanted to be a leader just like them. La Unidad Latina helped me prioritize my career path and professional life. It all benefited me immensely; it was the turning point that shaped my ethics. I continue to be very grateful towards Baruch and this Latino organization for my successes of today.

6. What is one of your favorite memories you have from your time at Baruch?

One of the memories that really stand out from my undergraduate years was being part of a committee of five students who organized a yearly show from which all proceeds were given to charity. In the two years that I was involved, we sold out the venue both times and raised almost a total of $10,000. It was an amazing feeling to devote an entire semester to something that went towards a greater cause and to help the people that needed it the most.

7. How do you think pursing the Masters of Science program at Baruch will help further your career in marketing and product management?

Working as a Product Manager, I am regularly faced with strategic, tactical and operational tasks that affect the future of my product lines and the company. Product Management can be a risky job where a single decision can either result in huge sales growth or destroy a business. Therefore, it is important to always fully validate and rationalize my decisions based on actual quantitative and qualitative analyses. This is what ultimately convinced me that a graduate education would be very beneficial towards my career path. A Master of Science degree in Marketing Analytics involves in-depth concentration in analytical and strategic systems – the same skills that I need to make educated business decisions at work. This degree will help me perfect my craft and improve my skillset, thereby making me more effective.

8. Do you have any advice for current Baruch students and Baruch alumni on how to build their marketing career?

The best advice I can offer anyone is to always seek new challenges and be as flexible as possible. If presented with a new opportunity and if in doubt, just go for it and learn from it – you may unveil new and greater things. My motto is “everything has a way of working itself out” which has proven to be the case in all aspects of my career and life as a whole. I encourage everyone to not settle and to keep learning; great results will come in due time.

9. How can people contact you? 


Email: [email protected]