Name: Hillman Lam
Major at Baruch College:  Finance and Real Estate
Company: Baruch College’s Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute
Title: Adjunct Instructor
Graduation Year(s): 1996 (B.S.) & 2007 (Professional Certificate)
School (if applicable) within Baruch College: Baruch College's Undergraduate CUNY Baccalaureate Program and Steven L. Newman Real Estate Certificate Program
Please briefly describe your current profession in-detail including your responsibilities and tasks.  My current position is Adjunct Instructor at Baruch College’s Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute teaching real estate finance and Argus Valuation Discounted Cash Flow software.  My background includes real estate appraisal, acquisitions and development previously with Time Equities Inc., a national real estate investment development company.  Besides teaching, I also work on real estate investment acquisitions, capital financing and off-market transactions.
Please briefly describe your career path to-date, including the reasons behind job changes you made since graduating from Baruch College.  I changed careers a few times from insurance to finance to restauranteur to finally real estate.  I’m a firm believer that pursuing your passion involves multiple turns.  Few people rarely have a “straight” career path.  The earlier you discover your passion the better off and “happier” you are.
How did your experiences at Baruch College (e.g., academic studies, extra-curricular activities, student groups) prepare you for your career?  I participated in student clubs, however I wasn’t in a leadership role.  In retrospect, I would have taken more opportunities to develop leadership skills that are invaluable in any future managerial role.
What job resources (e.g., internships, work-study jobs, summer and/or other work opportunities, etc.) have influenced your career choice(s)?  I’m a believer in internships because you’re seeking to develop your skills through hands-on experience, therefore you’ll be better able to self-market your capabilities.  Without it, you’ll be only “book smart,” which isn’t enough in this competitive job market.  In addition, your work experiences will help you develop your “soft-skills” such as, interacting with peers, superiors, etc.
Today, what advice would you give to an undergraduate or graduate Baruch student interested in your field?  I would advise him or her to seek both formal and informal mentors in real estate for career guidance, and assistance with networking.  Mentors can advise you so that you don’t make the “big mistakes.”  However “taking risks” are required to be successful in your career.  Networking is extremely important because without this skill, it will be difficult “to position” yourself for that next opportunity.  Real estate is a relationship-driven business.
How can an interested person contact you?
Phone Number: 718-607-6276  Email: [email protected]  
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