Name: Lawrence A. Sucharow
Major at Baruch College: Public Administration
Company: Labaton Sucharow LLP
Title: Chairman
Graduation Year(s): 1971, cum laude
School (if applicable) within Baruch College: Baruch School of the City College of the City University of New York
Please briefly describe your current profession in-detail including your responsibilities and tasks.
As Chairman, I focus on counseling the Firm's large institutional clients, developing creative and compelling strategies to advance and protect clients' interests, and the prosecution and resolution of many of the Firm's leading cases.
Please briefly describe your career path to-date, including the reasons behind job changes you made since graduating from Baruch College.
Following my graduation from Baruch, I attended Brooklyn Law School evening division (four years), while holding down a full-time job. First, I was managing a men’s clothing store on Wall Street, and thereafter as a law clerk in a law firm.
Following graduation cum laude, I was hired as an associate at that law firm, where I stayed for an additional two years learning about securities litigation. I then had the opportunity to join my current firm, which was larger and handled larger cases, and it had a department specializing in securities litigation, where I have remained for the past approximately 35 years, currently holding the title of Chairman.
How did your experiences at Baruch College (e.g., academic studies, extra-curricular activities, student groups) prepare you for your career?
At Baruch I was able to take many business courses, and while I disliked accounting, my exposure to it turned out to be essential to a career trying to establish securities fraud.
What job resources (e.g., internships, work-study jobs, summer and/or other work opportunities, etc.) have influenced your career choice(s)?
My ability to become a law clerk at a law firm enabled me to learn an esoteric area of the law, securities enforcement, that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to in law school, and indeed that became my life’s work.
Today, what advice would you give to an undergraduate or graduate Baruch student interested in your field?
Study English and Composition, because the law is all about words and accurately conveying thoughts; be prepared to read—a lot. Don’t enter law school with a preconceived notion of what area you want to practice in, just because your mother thinks you present good arguments. Try to get some real world experience, either before or in connection with law school, so that your first job isn’t your first job when you graduate. Identify your biggest asset (e.g., foreign language, facility with math, accounting) hone it, and present it, since that is one of the factors that may differentiate you from everyone else.
How can an interested person contact you?
Phone Number: 212-907-0700