April 2022

Name: Scott F. Guber
Major at Baruch College: BAA in Accounting
Graduation Year: 1987
School within Baruch CollegeBusiness
Company and Title: SFG Business Management, LLC/President

1) Tell us about your organization and your role there:

we are CPA firm, specializing in Family Office & Business Management Services to the High-Net Worth & Entertainment communities.  I am the President.

2) What made you interested in the field and what drives you in your current profession?

While attending Baruch, I worked at a CPA firm that did this type of work.  What drives me is the difference I make every day in the client’s lives.

3) What were some unique challenges you faced in your professional career and how did you solve them?

Challenges, still faced every day, is the ever-changing needs/demands of clients.  Having the right combination of people, structure & procedures helps us to solve any issues.

4) How was your experience at Baruch like? How did Baruch impact your life and career?

My experience at Baruch provided me with the tools & platform to succeed in the job I do and the challenges I face.  I met my wife, Deborah (also a BBA in Accounting) at Baruch and we’ve been married almost 34 years with two great children.  My career started while an undergraduate at Baruch and it’s been a steady rise since.

5) What is one of your favorite memories you have from your time at Baruch?

Hanging out in the city, whether going to a Knicks game or having lunch in Madison Square Park, always provided the “campus” during my college days.

6) What is some advice can you give to current Baruch students and alumni about working in the field of your profession?

Be sure to intern in the profession you’re studying for. Invaluable for learning the industry & making contacts.

7) How can people contact you? (Social Media, LinkedIn, Email) LinkedIn