Name: Stefan Contorno
Major at Baruch College (Degree Obtained): Economics
Company: UBS Financial Services 
Title: Senior Partner
Graduation Year: 1996
School (if applicable) within Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business

I have always believed that in order to succeed, you need to be hungrier than everyone else. You also need to love what you do. While it is important to dream big, you must also be willing to work harder than everyone and make things happen or create your own destiny. My motto has always been, "No one is willing to give you anything. If you want something, you need to go out and get it". I have been fortunate to go into a profession that I enjoy more than anything and I hardly feel like I am ever working. One of the greatest parts of my job is the satisfaction that comes from being able to help clients achieve their goals.

I think the number one thing I learned at Baruch was this balance and how to manage my time effectively. Looking back, I believe this has led to my drive and my eagerness to succeed. I have very fond memories of my time at Baruch. I was fortunate to make some terrific friends, business contacts and learn from great professors. I graduated from Baruch in 1996 with a B.B.A in Economics. One of my favorite things about Baruch was that each class I took we learned to understand each course through current events discussed daily by my professors and "real-life" situations which I believe prepared me for my future and my current career. 

I have been in the financial service industry for 18 years. The financial markets have taught me to never feel too comfortable and always be ready to adapt to any situation. This lesson has enabled me to maintain the highest standard of support, collaboration and knowledge in every one of my relationships with both clients and my team. I am a Senior Partner on the Findley Wise Wealth Management Team at UBS Financial Services. Our team has offices in Toledo, OH, Bonita Springs, Florida, New Jersey & Manhattan. Our team manages more than $2 Billion for our clients and our team of 23 professionals continuously ranks on the Barron's Top Advisor list representing the top 1% in the Nation. I am directly responsible for managing client relationships in both the pre and post retirement phases of their lives. I am also an adjunct Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, where I teach courses on “Successful Retirement Strategies.” Like my professors at Baruch, I want my students to learn in “real time” and build a drive for greatness.

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