Name: Jeffrey Danowitz
Major at Baruch College (Degree Obtained): Advertising
Company:  Baruch College
Department: Communications and Marketing
Graduation Year(s): 1965

1.  What would you say your art style is  (i.e. Abstract, Surrealism, etc..)

I would call my art style “Environmental Post-Modern with a Touch of Whimsy.”  I am inspired by the French Impressionists and only wish I could draw.

2.  What inspires your art pieces?

I’m inspired by simple observation – see it, like it, shoot it!  For example while on vacation, shopping, redecorating my granddaughter’s room (see Fan Man below), or at the office I find inspiration.
3.  How many pieces of art have you produced?

I have produced four pieces of art work and each have been featured here at the Mishkin Gallery.  I am very proud to have had my photos selected and hung at four Mishkin Gallery Annual Shows.  Such a great community event!
4.  What made you decided to show your work at Baruch?

I decided to display my work to show another side of me.  I have been fortunate to have been part of each of the shows at the Gallery.
5.  Why did you go into writing/communications verses going into the art industry?

I have worked in the Office of Communications Marketing & Public Relations at Baruch for 10 years, it pays better than being an artist. My art is very dear to me.
6.  Do you like working at Baruch?

I  love Baruch!!!!  I have worked at Baruch for 10 years as well as I also attended school here and graduated in 1965.  I wish other Baruch alums would enter this contest to show their hidden talents.  Just so you know, I plan to keep winning so you’ll have competition!
7.  What is your favorite memory from your time at Baruch?

My greatest Baruch “thrill” was hosting my own 50th Baruch College Reunion in 2015. Every table was filled, all got to talk, new friendships happened and that photo booth was the bomb!  Even my wife had fun.
8.  Do you intend to produce more art pieces?  If so would you have another gallery showing in the future?

I love entering the Mishkin competition just to show another side of me. Our art gallery director, Sandra Kraskin, has a great eye for the placement of everyone’s art.
9Describe your current piece “Fan Man”. How was that created?

“Fan Man” was taken at my son’s house in Chicago this past Thanksgiving.  We were re-doing my granddaughter’s room and what do you do when you see a new bed after a long day "yahoo, jump on it and relax!"  I looked up and saw “Fan Man.”
10.  What advice do you have for upcoming artists at Baruch?

My advice to upcoming artists or anyone is the same that inspires me – look around and see the world through your own eyes.

"Fan Man" By Jeffrey Danowitz